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The Distant Sky by EvernoirAftermath
The Distant Sky
One of the title screen for my rpgmaker mv project called Evr Acrem.

My third Space Art attempt... And kinda love how it turned out XD
Nielle Claim by EvernoirAftermath
Nielle Claim
My Original Character : Danielle Claim.
Nickname : Nielle

Personality : Easy going, Have a very bad taste in jokes, Cheerful (sometimes overly cheerful), Idiotic and Naive
Ability Pros : Have a great knowledge in Alchemy, Simply put an Explosion Expert. Yes.... She's one hella of Bomb Maker
Cons : Don't ask her to cook.... Everything she cooked can explode....

Backstory : She's the daughter of a famous alchemist Claim Surhall. An Alchemist that can create a Librarium, a technique to fuse a Mana Circuit into a Sol Catalyst. A portable Workshop that can store and create any substance that stored inside a Crystal Vessel called Sol Catalyst. But he was mysteriously dissappeared and left Nielle alone with his trusted colleague Lynne Yudel. Together with Lynne, Nielle form a group of resistance called Errengalt. Through Errengalt, Nielle and her accomplices going around destroying Solerium Reactor because of the danger it possess to the planet's Life Force.

Quote : "We're not terrorist for God's sake!!. We're here to tell the masses about the danger of Solerium.... By blowing them up..."
This Universe of Mine. [Aetheria] by EvernoirAftermath
This Universe of Mine. [Aetheria]
Okkkkkkkaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyy my third Space Art attempt.... and honestly i'm quite happy about it :D

This is the most successfull attempt so far... Thanks to the tuts from DesignShard and their contributor that i can create a space art in a more simpler way. The Planet in the middle called Aetheria... It will be a major plot core for my RPG Maker MV Project "Evr Acrem"

Tools : Photoshop CS4 Portable with Mouse and No Sketching (duh)
Lucelle by EvernoirAftermath
My OC Lucelle.... she was my character from my ongoing project "Evr Acrem". An RPG Maker MV generated RPG Game. I actually used the Chara generator (cuz i'm lazy) but the generator is good so why not? Then i'm Redraw her with my style.... Uhhh... what style...?

I'm experimenting with the hairstyle (i usually used the more simpler style) and a little bit Soft Shading.

I find working on my computer using Bluetooth Mouse to be very enjoyable!! anyway still a long way to go

Lucelle Potrait Version
Tools : Adobe Photoshop CS4 Portable with Mouse, and Manual Sketching
Technique : ...??? Cell Soft Shade? please dont ask....
some.... Golden Nebulae...? by EvernoirAftermath
some.... Golden Nebulae...?
well... some space art.... my 2nd attempt... its kinda cooler when you zooming out when looking at this pic...

its kinda super random at first but it takes some shape later on...

Tools : Photoshop CS6 with Touchpad
Name : Alief D Skyheart
Class : Gunner a.k.a Son of a Gun!!! (really like that title)
Race : Demon.... a handsome demon (not Tink)
Age : to the infinity and beyond
Where to live : Hades....
How did i discover Disgaea? : Via Disgaea 2 in PS2 and continue it in Disgaea 4
Favorite Disgaea game? : Disgaea 2 and 4
Favorite Non Disgaea Game? :Persona 3 and 4, Tales of Abyss, Tales of Graces, Final Fantasy 13, 13-2, Suikoden 2 and 4, Yakuza 1 - 4
Did i Finish the game? : yes i am. but still cant beat Baal and having a maxed out level characters
Fav CHar in Disgaea : Adell, Tink, Gunners, Skull Dragon, Valvatorez, Fenrich and Emizel
  • Listening to: People's Complaining
  • Reading: Your Mind
  • Watching: Your Reaction after i say SISTAH!!
  • Playing: Persona 3 FES, Persona 4, Gundam Wars G Generation
  • Eating: FRied Boiled Egg
  • Drinking: Milk..... 2%!!


EvernoirAftermath's Profile Picture
Alief D Putra
a super cool college student with extra hard work and patience make the taste even better

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